An Outstanding Tynietoy Room Box

Important message to collectors of Tynietoy:

When I saw this room box at an auction in New Jersey, I knew I had seen this many years ago. I belonged to the Tynietoy Preservation Society which met at the Toy Cupboard Museum in Lancaster, Massachusetts. We studied the catalogs and saw exhibits and began to know the work of Georg LeClerc. I also went to an auction in Rhode Island that had the portfolio of all of LeClerc's work. I bought it and placed it with my Tynietoy material. LeClerc's work was also on exhibit in Massachusetts which displayed these room boxes. (For further information, I will try to organize this material and make it available to collectors.

The room box has an interior of raised paneling on all three sides. The mahogany staining is very rich looking and a special raised border has a crisscross pattern which part of appears lighter in color. This would be at a chair railing position. One side wall and the back wall have false doors. The other side wall has a window with divisions that appear to look real but which has a picture behind the panes. The floor has a parquet floor border. The exterior has brick work on all three sides that is beautifully done and looks so real!! There is also a false door on one side and a paneled window covering on the other. The room box has also been electrified. Plexiglas covers are available to cover the top and the front to protect any furnishings that are added.

Measurements: room box measures 11"h. x 15-1/4"w. x 14"d.

Circa: Approx. 100 years old

Price: SOLD!


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