Fine Porcelain Statues of Ladies


The ladies have great details- the one with the blue bow in her hair has details of a fine facial features, the bow that sticks above her hair, the arms and fingers , the layered clothing with a flowered gown front showing and lace at the base. Then look at the next photo that show her yellow gown in a bustle, her long curls in the back are well done.

2-1/4"h. (open hole underneath , trim is painted gold-

Possibly Dresden. Price: $45


Next is a lady in blue –standing- 2-1/8" She is done in fine porcelain  with a bonnet around her face, the gown is in layers of blue porcelain with lace painted in the same color blue,- ruffles down the front, and appears in the back too, below a bustle, a long curl hangs down her back which comes out of the bonnet. Marked inside as German Dresden. Price: $45.



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