A Tynietoy Bedroom Set

This bedroom set is painted a soft pink and has some flower decoration on all the pieces. The French style bed has the high headboard and little finials on the posts. The mattress and round pillow are also going with the bed. The dressing table has a moveable mirror attached to two long drawers which are often called "glove drawers". (Note: The drawer itself is very long!) A gray line is shown on the drawers as an outline to the drawer. A long narrow drawer pulls out below the vanity area and below the glove drawers. The legs are tapered too! (A very nice piece of furniture). A matching pale pink chair with flowers goes with the dressing table.

- The finial on the bed is 5-1/4"h. The head board is 5"h. The bed is 6-3/8"long and is 4-3/8"w.
- The dressing table is 5-1/4"h x 4-3/8"w.
- The chair is 3-1/2"h.

Circa: 1920
Price: $300


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