An Outstanding Boulle Cabinet

I had two of these cabinets and decided to keep one. The cabinet doors on the top have wonderful gold transfer which are cut out and placed so you can see through the glass into the aqua interior. Then below the glass doors is a long narrow drawer!! Then just below that drawer is a second drawer with ivory droplets ľone on each side of the cabinet. Last of all are two doors at the base with exceptional gold transfer that display a crown with other images. There are 5 white banding lines that appear on this cabinet starting at the top and then going downward is another one which outlines the cupboard doors, 2 long drawers and then the gold transfer doors at the base are outlined with white banding.

This is an exceptional piece of Walterhausen furniture!!

Measurements: 8-3/4"h. x 5"w. x 2-1/2"w.
Circa: Early 19th Century
Price: $425

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