An Outstanding Bedroom Set

This set can be sold on a time-payment system.

The set includes a very special canopy bed with the original antique fabric with fringe. Instead of a square canopy bed that takes up a lot of room, this one can go right up against the wall. The front has turned posts and the top has a large block of wood that holds the entire canopy! The fabric is a soft pale gray/green with soft roses scattered throughout. The fringe is a pale beige that is soft to touch and is perfect for trim work. Bolster pillows are at each end of the bed!

The set includes the canopy bed, a chaise lounge, a club chair, a side chair and an armoire, a cabinet to hold vanity items on top, a cupboard with shelves inside, and a small round table. (The table and small cupboard have painted tops to resemble marble).

It is truly a beautiful set of furniture for a special dolls' house!

Measurements: The bed is 8"h. x 5-1/4"w. (at the bottom) x 2-3/4"d. The chaise is 3-3/4"h. at the highest level and is 8"long.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: $2400

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