An Exceptional Ormolu Birdcage


This is certainly an outstanding birdcage. The size seems large, but when I put it on a table in the back of the Banquet Room with all the soldiers in the Spanish House, it did not appear to be large. It all depends on how you display it. It has a great parrot in green, yellow and red – swinging on a wire! It is in the upper half of the cage. The construction of the cage has a beautiful base with a strong emphasis on detail with a wonderful band of decorative motifs, then the cage goes upward until it is about a third of the top is curved outwards. The top too has open work  and a ring at the top for hanging.


Measurements: 3-3/8"h. –diameter at the base is 2- 3/8"

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $1495


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