A Rare Set of Boulle Furniture


I had purchased this set of furniture many years ag when I attended an auction in Ladenburg, Germany.  I guess I have always tried to find the unusual and never seen before sets of furniture in the Boulle style.  Although I have studied Boulle furniture for a long time, I had never seen these particular pieces. The design is wonderful with the curvature arms, back and seat. The cut out back on the chair and the pediment on the back of the sofa and the chair were stunning. The upholstery is very different, sort of a deep rose with gold motifs. It is not a cloth fabric nor is it paper. The double lined borders in gold transfer work  highlight or emphasize the design!


Measurements: The sofa is 4-3/4"h.x 6-1/8"w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $400

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