Dolls' House Dolls

The seven dolls shown here can all be purchased separately. I can take more photos of each if requested.

The first gentleman is wearing brown painted shoes, a black felt suit, white shirt and bow tie! These are his original clothes which fit him very well. His facial features, including his hair are beautifully painted and formed properly. He is 7" tall
Price: $135

Next is an all bisque child with dainty little shoes with straps and little heels. Her felt trousers and jacket are in an off white color with pink trim. She has glass eyes and a wig of brown curls. She is also wearing a matching cp on her head. She is 4-3/4" tall.
Price: $150

The lady is dressed in a long gown of different laces and pantaloons. She also has a green beaded necklace and decretive flowers of fabric in her hair. Her hair is pulled up into a bun on the back of her head. She is wearing black shoes with heels. She is 7" tall.
Price: $160

An exceptional gentleman with light brown hair and has a mustache and rosy cheeks! His black felt suit has tails in the back which makes it a tuxedo! He is 7 -1/4" tall.
Price: $165

An all bisque girl with glass eyes and long brunette braids, wearing a black jumper with a white blouse and a lace apron. She is also wearing a black lace hat. She can stand alone. She is 3-3/4" tall.
Price: $175

An all bisque baby with moveable hands and legs- dressed in her original clothes consisting of lace and tiny ribbons in her hair and on her dress! She is 2-1-/2".
Price: $75

A dollhouse lady with a finely molded face with glass eyes. Her blond wig is braided and wrapped around her head. She has on black heels with one strap! The green silk sleeves on her dress are melting. (I would make a copy of her jacket in dark green silk and replace it). She is 6" tall.
Price: $180