A Parlor Set by Stevens and Brown

It is not often that we get to see furniture of this period- 1874. As you can see, the furniture is made of tin and there are 5 pieces to this parlor set. This set consists of a "Lady's chair" with a foot stool and there are 2 side chairs and a table. The chairs are made to look tufted and are painted a soft rose color. The frame work of the furniture is tin but painted a dark brown. (That really defines the furniture!). The table has a scalloped top and it painted in a cream with some dark shadows which makes it look like marble) There is some paint missing on the table top. There are four legs that are bent at the top with impressed designs on the top of each leg. The legs are joined together with supporting attachments that meet in the center. The center piece is quite elaborate and gives a lot of charm to the table. The side chairs have circular backs and the frame work around them has impressed designs at the top.

I photographed the back of all the furniture and it is painted a dark brown and there is no rust or missing paint! (Under the table is the rose colored paint that matches the chairs.)

This is a great set of furniture that you rarely see any more.

Measurements: The lady or gents chair is 4-1/4"tall. The side chairs are 4" tall. The table is 2- "h. The table is 3-7/8"w.
Circa: 1874
Price: $500

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