An Unusual Boulle Cabinet


First, I love the proportions of this cabinet and the incredible gold transfer work. I have one close up photo to show the detail.  This work is only  placed on the front of this piece and the sides are just stained in the dark rosewood.  The back has the original black paper glued on! I had never seen the window treatment as far as the design work and it gives a feeling of windows in the top and bottom of the cabinet. I opened the top of this piece to show the original blue interior paper. (Bristol white glass would surely stand out here). I believe I bought these in Stockholm at auction and I have another matching one with glass in the top section and mirrors in the bottom section.  The white banding helps to define each section and small turned feet hold this cabinet erect for us all to observe!


Measurements: 9-3/8"h. x 4-1/2"w. x 2=3/8"d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $950


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