A Grand Set of Furniture by Gerhard Sohlke


The Boulle set of furniture consists of eleven pieces that include a sofa, table, six chairs, a desk and two gout stools. This furniture is attributed to Gerhard Sohlke of Berlin, Germany in 1856. A friend sent me several pages of his work and how beautiful his pieces were made in the 19th century. The pieces in this particular set are upholstered in a pink/salmon silk and are in fine condition. The gold transfer work is incredible on the backs of the chairs with all the cut out work. The table has an elaborate scene on the table top and one must see the curved metal legs that enhance the workmanship of this piece. It gives such an elegant appearance with the metal curved legs which also appear on the desk too. Gout stools are hard to find!!


Measurements: Sofa is 5-1/4"h. x 9"w. x 3-1/2"d.; Chairs are 5-1/4"h.; Table is 3-1/2"h. x 5-1/2"w. x 3-5/8"d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $2,200



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