An Early Sewing Stand


This sewing stand has a square top that lifts up to expose a mirror under the lid. The border around the mirror has gold with raised circles. The box below is divided into several compartments that are papered in green paper with gold beaded paper trims. A large center compartment and a smaller compartment have tan velvet set inside and are used to hold miniature scissors. Later with some hunting, one can fill these compartments with spools of thread, pins, a tape measure, thimbles, stiletto, threader etc. (You may request a newsletter I did on miniature sewing tools).

The sides of the sewing stand have elaborate cut outs with inserted wires and a wood shape diamond at the base. The base has one stretcher with a velvet pad. (perhaps to rest a foot!!!)


Measurements: 3-1/2"h. x 3-7/8 w. x 3"d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $395


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