Early Bathroom Set


This set is rarely seen, but I am so glad it is all intact!

The tub is separate and can be taken off the platform. There are soap dishes made of wood and there are faucets next to them. The shower head is moveable above the tub.  Next is a high tank toilet that has metal pipes running down the back of the toilet. The toilet top can be lifted up The entire toilet is mounted on a board and can be placed into the bathroom. Next is the basin with great faucets that are moveable!! Pipes below the sink make it look very real when viewing a bathroom!


Measurements: Toilet is 7"h. to top of water tank. Basin is 4-14'h.x 2-1/2"w. Platform for tub is 7-3/4"tall x 7-1/8"w.

Circa: 1890

Price: $295

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