An Unusual Early Boulle Dressing Table


The base is certainly unusual! There are two legs in the front and the back has two more similar ones! At first glance, they appeared as trees to me, full at the top and tapering down like the trunk of a tree. They have gold transfer work on them too.  What is incredible is how the four legs are joined- they are set up on a plank and the front and back on the right make up one set and the front and back on the left are set up the same way. The top of the dresser has a faint view of the gold transfer work, but you can see it in my photos. There is plenty of room to hold perfume bottles and powder in bowls. (Lots of scroll work in different forms). All of the drawers work and white banding appears below them. The swivel mirror moves easily and has some silvering missing.


Measurements: 6-1/4"h. x 4-1/2"w. x 2-1/8"d.

Circa: 1850

Price: $350


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