An Unusual French Art Nouveau Chandelier


This chandelier has a great base with three brackets or holders made in the fashion of Art Nouveau. They are attached to the round rim that holds the white glass shade which is marked on the rim "Made in France". There is a gold painted line that goes around edge of the shade and then there are red strawberries or flowers drawn around the shade with some light greenery. The wick goes up and down when the knob on the side is turned. The large holder at the base of the chandelier would hold the kerosene. The chandelier, chain and holder (ring at the top) are all painted gold. A lovely piece for your collection.


Measurements: The main part of the chandelier that holds the kerosene and rim to hold the shade etc. is 2"h. The ring around the top to hold the shade is 1-3/4" and the height from the ring at the top to the base of the font that holds the kerosene is 6-3/4" or what we call the suspension of the chandelier is 6-3/4"/

Circa: 1910

Price: I have to look up the price, contact me.


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