Beautiful Victorian Parlor Set


The set consists of a sofa, high arm chair and three side chairs. The fabric is cut red velvet and the texture really adds to the beauty of the set. The sofa has the padded arms, the scalloped back with great gold transfer work. The serpentine front has gold paper trim mounted on the edge of the cushion and just above the grain painted wooden base. There are three turned feet on the front and two straight feet in the back.


One of my favorite chairs is this open back with elaborate gold transfer work. The padded arms match the sofa and the gold trim work is the same too. The three matching side chairs  are very similar to the large chair in this set, and I do like how the front of these side chairs have the same curve in the cushion.


This set has been cared for all these long years as we rarely see one in such great condition. I have this same set in dark blue cut velvet and in a deep forest green silk!


Measurements: The sofa is 4-1/2"h. x 7-1/2"long. The tall chair is 5-7/8"h. The side chairs are 4-1/2"h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $1000 $750


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