A Wonderful Boulle Display Cabinet


I have seen these display cabinets in all sizes and shapes.  They are great to display dishes, statues, small dolls etc.  This one is quite different in that the center opening is larger and all the drawers at the base open. The entire front has the gold transfer work which the Germans refer to as Boulle work. (Charles Boulle worked as a master carpenter for royalty in France and collectors would refer to the miniature furniture as Boulle like). There are three doors that open- the large middle door and two side doors. The aqua blue interior is painted throughout but may have had aqua paper. (Note: I had another cabinet like this, but larger in the "Sewing Room" of the Spanish Dolls House to display bolts of fabrics). The larger cabinets would have two doors in the middle section instead of one.


Condition: There are a few places where the wood has been reglued where it has split).


Measurements: 8-3/4"h. x 8-1/8"w. x 1- "d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $395


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