A Rare Rock and Graner Piano


This grain-painted tin plate piano is truly one of the most sought after pieces made by this German company. The splendid architectural pieces on the top of the piano are the center and front corner pieces! The medallion set in the center of the piano, between the candleholders gives a very nice component to the overall design. The candleholders above the keyboard move from side to side! As you raise the lid over the keyboard, you will see a flat piece of tin metal with painted keys. Below the keyboard are snake/like supports that are coiled up and appear a gold color. (Note: Two different models were made of this piano with one appearing with pedals and another without. This one does not have the pedals). One of the most distinguishing features in this piano is the music box inside of it. The handle on top of the piano turns as the music of the "Last Rose of Summer" plays! This piece was placed in the Spanish Dolls' House I owned where all the soldiers were gathered around a Rock and Graner banquet table.


Measurements: 7"h. includes decorative piece on top of piano x 5-1/2"w. x 4-1/8"d.

Circa: 1865 -1875

Price: SOLD!


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