A Wonderful Boulle Dresser


People sometimes refer to this piece of furniture as a sideboard, but I like it as a dresser with a mirror. It has wonderful gold transfer work on the front of the piece. The mirror is quite unusual with a scalloped frame around it and having a warrior’s head at the top in gold transfer work is so unique. The mirror itself is then in a “shield” shape too.  The table surfaces are plain and lined on the edge in gold.  There are three drawers on top and then two drawers below with white banding in between them. The entire front is lavishly done in the gold transfer work with incredible detail. (Note: I placed ormolu vases with flowers on the lower surface and had picture frames, ivory combs and perfume bottles scattered on that second level)


Measurements: 6-1/4”h. x 5”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $550 $395


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