A Rare Eric Pearson Washstand


Since Eric Pearson furniture is not often seen and is often incorrectly labeled, I found the most knowledgeable person who has handled a few hundred pieces in setting up the display of “Eric Pearson Furniture Exhibit” at the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum. The consultant for this project was Bill Robertson, a very talented man in his own right with an outstanding background working with miniature furniture. He has given his approval on this piece as being made by Eric Pearson.


Like all his pieces, this one is completely stained underneath each section and on the back. In other words, we do not see any bare wood exposed. This piece has an open circular opening on top to insert a bowl and the middle section has a curved drawer with a knob with tiny white dots on it. This dark mahogany stand is so well made and the surface is so smooth, you can feel how much skill was needed to achieve his reputation in the field.


Measurements: 6”h. x 3-1/4”w. x 2-1/4”d.

Circa: 1920

Price: $300


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