An Incredible Boulle Cabinet


One would only have to see the photos of this cabinet to know it is exceptional! The upper half has glass doors with great gold transfer work which cover some of the glass as it has dips down on the wood. When opened one sees an aqua interior with two shelves.  It has black columns on the front corners with gold rings at the top and bottom. White banding appears at the top and bottom to accentuate that section. The next level protrudes out and has a long narrow drawer with white banding too. But on the edge of each corner of the drawer are white ivory finials! Below this section are two large drawers with gold transfer work again with a king's crown and some of his outer shields. This is just for storage. Now at the very base are layers of molding that enhance this piece of furniture. It just gives it that very special appearance.


Measurements: 8-1/2"h. x 5-1/8"w. x 2-1/2"

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $395


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