A Sterling Silver Teaset- Birmingham, England


I haven't seen one of these tea sets in a long time.  The oval tray has a great railing around the sides and a wooden center. The handles are designed to be light in weight and there are 4 balls on the bottom of the tray. The teapot is large and elegant with a high spout and large handle. An abundance of raised designs are found at the base of all of the pieces, really giving more elegance. The sugar bowl has handles on the sides and is more oval shape, but it never had a cover. (This was typical in the early days as they could use a spoon or tongs to lift out sugar cubes). I have included tongs for the sugar bowl. There are many hallmarks for identification and the word "Sterling".


Measurements: The tray is 3-3/8"w. The teapot is 1-1/2"h.

Circa: 1903

Price: $125


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