A Miniature Lithophane

This item is very hard to come by!  When one views a lithophane for the first time, the white porcelain surface inside the frame appears bumpy. But when a light is placed on the back side of the porcelain, a beautiful three-dimensional picture appears with incredible depth and detail. (If you would like to learn more about Lithophanes, write me and I will send some material I wrote with illustrations).


This lithophane is metal, but is painted gold. The frame is very decorative with ornamentation of flowers and scroll work and the pedestal base has extended leaf designs on two sides. A picture is seen when light is applied from behind and here we see three children together looking at a large tablet. (This picture is not photographed well, but I think you get the idea.) A candle holder appears on the back so that it can be lit to get the light to go through the porcelain picture).


Measurements: 4:3/4h x 2w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $650


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