A Rare and Unusual Boulle Washstand


This washstand has a unique feature!  A marble table has a center round opening in which to place a bowl and the top has a mirror mounted on a cabinet /like piece with gold transfer work around and on top of the mirror. A metal faucet appears at the base of the mirror and is placed over the hole where a bowl would be.  The cabinet does not open but at the top a board is removed to show a tin lined space where water would be stored. A piece of wood was made to fit in as the cover. It even has two pieces of wood so that it fits into the open space. When that piece is turned over the mahogany side shows and it's like a secret compartment! The top of the cabinet is scalloped as is the back of this piece which has a small shelf on each side. The cabriole legs give it a nice appearance in making this piece so special. (One should not pour water into this piece, it is just a replica). The treen dishes are not for sale.


Measurements: 9-1/2"h. x 5-7/8"w. x 3-3/4"d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $625


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