A Tynietoy Green Kitchen Set


I would like to sell this as a set as I know how hard it can be to find all the basic pieces. If it doesn't sell by May 1, I will split it up. Just let me know what pieces you want and I will contact you on May 1.

The kitchen set is in lovely condition – not a mark on it and it would seem no one has used the set.

The four piece set is –cupboard, sink, table and chair. All the pieces have the impressed logo of Tynietoy.


Measurements: Cupboard- 6"h. x 5-1/2"w., the sink is 4-1/2"h. x 4-3/8"w. The table is 2-3/4"h. x 4-1/2"long, the chair is -3-1/2"h.

Circa: 1920's-1930's

Price: $340


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