A Tynietoy Canopy Bed

This is the best Tynietoy canopy bed I have seen! First, I love the pattern on the fabric and it is in fine condition! The last photo shows the mattress which is the same color as the bedding. The background is a pumpkin or light coral color with white flower and leaves. The pillow inside the pillowcase matches the mattress. Next, the bedspread covers three sides to the floor and is pleated. The four posters that hold the canopy have tiny nails to hold the canopy nice and tight. Curtains on each side of the headboard are pulled back with tiebacks. The last photo shows how the fabric of the canopy extends down to the middle back of the high headboard. What a great bed!

Measurements: 7-7/8"h. x 6-1/2 long x 4-5/8"w.
Circa: 1920's-1930's
Price: $450


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