A Rare Set of Tim Food Covers

This set of graduated food covers came from the Fairie Dolls’ House that was sold back in 1978. The history of this grand house was written up in Vivien Greene’s book, English Dolls Houses of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Page 217. It is a Scottish house with the original section built in 1780 and then parts of the house were added on to later. I have pictures of the house when it was furnished when it was sold back in 1978. It stands 7 feet tall and is 4’ 8”w.

This set of tin covers was sold when the house was sold back in 1978. The are outstanding with handles in the center so one could place them over dinner plates of food. Each cover has a ring to hang it on a nail in the kitchen. The photos show them all in a row and then I have turned them over to view the inside and then, there is one cover to view up close. A very special set of tin food covers!!

Measurements: The largest cover is 2 ¾”long (not including the ring) x 1-3/4”w. The smallest cover measures: 1-3/4”long x 1-1/8”w.

Circa: Early 19th Century

Price: SOLD


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