A Large Magnificent Chandelier


This chandelier needs a large dolls’ house with high ceilings. It is a kerosene light fixture with a working wick which is raised and lowered with the knob on the side. The kerosene is stored in the font below the wick. Lovely green glass beads hang from the ring that encircles the fixture.  On each side of the font there is a perched bird on a branch in brass in fine decoration. A glass shade with a hint of green at the base is placed over the kerosene fixture. It rests comfortably down inside the rim. A glass chimney fits snugly around the flame of the wick!  The original four chains used in hanging the chandelier are attached to a smaller ring at the top that has two chains attached to an ornate holder that hooks into the hanger on the ceiling!


Measurements: The chandelier is suspended 12” downward. The diameter is 4-1/2".

Circa: 1880

Price: Inquiries Welcomed   

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