Meehan Antique Miniatures




On the bedroom floor of the Regency House, next to a large cradle, are 4 frozen charlottes, made in the form of a naked

figure. The earliest one is the unglazed one with finely detailed hands and facial features, dating around 1850. She is wearing

an early old worn wig and has an unglazed stoneware body. The four dolls range in height from 2-1/8” to 2-3/4”tall.

The sweet little porcelain doll wearing a white cap that has a rose colored bow tied under her chin, is also early. One

larger porcelain frozen charlotte has black hair painted on the head with wisps of hair and he would be earlier than

the porcelain girl with a full head of black hair styled in a later time.


Beside the dolls is a wonderful leather case filled with early toys! We can see old playing cards, ivory pieces, tiny ivory dice,

a tiny bisque jointed doll and tiny marbles.


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