Beautiful Small Statues


We have a total of six finely made bisque statues of men and women, all dressed in different clothing.  I have paired up the men and women, based on color or similarity of costumes. All are approximately 1-1/2”tall.  The first photo shows them as a group, then I paired them off and then did a photo from the back of each pair.  They all have similar painted eyes and are standing a mounted base. The detail of the clothes is amazing; some having hats of all different styles,  one lady has a hat, muff and long coat trimmed in fur. The statues can be displayed on a mantle, in a corner cupboard, on a table next to a lamp, in a bookcase or on a table in a hallway! Remember, it is the little details that make a room!


Price $70. for a pair. Identify by clothing!


   Click on any picture below for closeup view