A Large Magnificent Gothic Boulle Cabinet


An outstanding piece of furniture with great gold transfer work! The glass doors have wonderful Gothic droplets cutout and displayed across the glass. The gold transfer design makes the windows look like church windows that are framed in each glass door. The top part of the cabinet is slightly recessed back when placed on top of the cabinet doors below. The doors have gold transfer work of warrior’s helmets and crowns! The white banding throughout this piece really defines each section of the cabinet. The interior has all of its blue paper and has the white banding on the edge of each shelf which matches to the exterior. A remarkable piece of furniture that would make a fine addition in a parlor to hold books or in a dining room to display porcelain dishes.


Measurements: The cabinet is 7-5/8”h.x 5-1/4”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $550


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