Garden Pieces with some Tynietoy


The Tynietoy pieces in this setting are the shrub in a pot and the lawnmower. Other items include two matching brown clay pots, a shovel,  a folding beach chair, a tin pail painted green on the outside with gold decoration and red interior with a handle and a long-handled fork. All are in nice condition.


Measurements: The shrub in square wooden pot and marked Tynietoy- 3-3/4h. The lawn mower is 4- long x 2 (with blades and wheels).

                          The pots are 2-3/4h. x 1-1/2 diameter. The tin pail is 1-1/2h.

Circa: All items made in 1920s, except  the tin pail is 19th century.

Prices- Tynietoy shrub- SOLD! Tynietoy lawnmower- SOLD! Clay pots (2)- SOLD! Tin pail- SOLD! Long fork- $25. Folding chair -$40. Shovel-$10.


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