A Pair of Garden Cabbage Urns with a Watering Can


Several years ago, I had a very special dolls’ house that I bought at Sotheby’s in NYC. The house was huge and had a picket fence around it and a garden in the back. Although it was home-made, it had such features as a garage, a basement with a furnace and even washtubs! But in the back of the house was a fenced in garden with Tynietoy garden pieces! I remembered the birdbath, the sundial, the benches and the trellis. There was a mirror to represent a pond with flowers around it. And in that garden I had these two cabbage urns with layered leaves like a real cabbage. They were placed on pedestals and were just so wonderful. The watering can and other garden tools were off to the side.


Measurements:  4-1/2”h.

Circa: 1920’s-1930’s

Price: SOLD


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