An Incredible Ladies Vanity


This is a sturdy and well-built piece of furniture. First the gothic mirror is just spectacular with gold transfer work and cut out work on the mirror itself. The mirror is held in place with two ivory posts, one on each side.  Next we have two small drawers on each side of the mirror for handkerchiefs etc. Now the top of the table has a most unusual scene of a fortress which has beautiful transfer work in gold and very decorative borders that spread clear across the table. (Note: The serpentine table top has a curve to it in the center and has cut off corners etc. Underneath the table top is a very special design of gold transfer work which continues down on bottom base.  The Front legs are an "S" shape with gold transfer work. The four feet are bun feet that are so appropriate for this piece of furniture.


Measurements: 5-3/4" to the top of the mirror x to the table top-3-1/4" h. x 5-1/2"w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $650


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