A Marklin Bed with Side Panels

The brass bed with swing valances dominates a room with its lovely bed hangings of lace and silk. This was made by the Marklin firm of Wurttemberg, Germany. This bed is built basically like the regular brass bed we have seen by Marklin, but this particular style has almost another level of height with an extra row of bars at the front of the bed. This headboard now becomes much higher and attached to the corner posts are panels that extend outward but which move back and forth to create a way to drape fabric and lace for a highly decorative bed. You will see how these side panels have the same scroll work that we see on the sides of the bed. It just ties together so well. One would hang a curtain on each side and allow it to be moved back and forth. Then a long curtain goes from the top of the headboard down to the ground to form the back of the bed. An old silk bed coverlet sets under the lace top. Under the coverlet is lace and a mattress. In the last photo, you can view the mattress and springs that form the bottom of the bed. I have other accruements that can lay or hang on the bed post. I believe there are two sizes to the beds and this is the larger one!


Measurements: 8-3/8”h. x 8-1/2”long x 4-1/2”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Inquiries Welcomed

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