An Exceptional Boulle Table with Ormolu Dishes

This Boulle table is from the collection of Flora Jacob’s Museum which was sold back in 2004. It is large scale and one I have never seen before in any collection. When you have a dolls’ house that is large scale, it is very difficult to come by a table which is appropriate for a parlor or dining room.  This table has nicely turned legs and an outstanding design in the center of gold transfer work. I had placed this very rare set of ormolu dishes on the table made by Erhard & Sohne and which is illustrated in their book. You can see some of the pieces in “The Boys Collection”- on Page 20. For other views of this set, see page 60 in this book. I think the dishes enhance the table and make a striking set!

Measurements: Table is 4-1/8”h x 6-3/4”long x 4-7/8”d.

                         Coffee pot is 2-1/4”h.; Tea pot is 1-3/4”h. x 2”w.

Circa: All pieces are 19th Century.

Prices: $400 for ormolu dishes

           $695 for table


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