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    An Early Portrait for a Dolls’ House


I found this watercolor portrait on ivory at an auction last weekend. I like to see family portraits with children and parents in the early 1800’s that would

be the appropriate size for a large dolls’ house. This one was dated 1830 and had a lovely frame of carved walnut. Studying the hairstyles and clothing will help date a

piece of artwork too. The walnut frame has carved flowers and leaves in bunches at the top and bottom as well as one on each side. The inner part of the frame

has carved beadwork which softens the print. The water color portrait on ivory measures 4” x 5” and with the frame it measures 7”h. x 7- ˝”w.

This will be placed in the hallway or bedroom in the Regency Dolls’ House-Circa 1820


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