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A booklet has been written about this exceptional dolls' house that was sold at Sotheby's auction house in NYC. Several pictures of the interior are shown and described.


The booklet measures- $11"h. x 8-3/4"w. –Price: $12.95 + shipping is $2.00.

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The Double Room Box


This double room box has a door connecting the two rooms. They are nice spacious rooms; one with a light gray paneling and a hanger for a chandelier, while the other room has a tan paper with curtains hung on the two back walls. It also has a hanger for a chandelier that I forgot to place in the room for a picture!! The furnishings are to be sold separately, so you can look on my website under "furnishings" or contact me at


Measurements: Overall dimensions of double room box: 16-3/4"high x 39"wide x 18" deep (includes side molding on top); Paneled room is 16-3/4"d. x 16"w.; Larger room with curtains is 16-3/4"d. x 19"w.

Circa: Turn of the Century

Condition: Overall condition of the two rooms is very nice, there is nice wide paneling at the top of the rooms and on the top of the wall dividing the rooms. The larger room shows some wear, but I would leave it and put some pictures on the wall. It has a chair rail with paneling below done in a dark mahogany stain which also is on the door. The floor covering was added at one time, but still looks very nice. It is removable.

Price: $750




The Glass House

As a recent buyer of this house, I'm not familiar with its history or its actual age. The last time I saw this house, it was displayed at Lucy's Dolls' House Shop in Camden, Maine, when I visited a number of years ago. Each time I approach this house in my living room to get a better view, I discover additional openings or details I hadn't noticed before. All of the ornamentation is carved wood, painted gold. The carving work is so amazing I have photographed each of these fine pieces that you see painted gold. Incidentally, since the back of the house is made exactly like the front façade of the house, one enters through the front door (first floor) or you'd enter through the same door in the back. The side panels of windows pull out to enter the second floor on both the right side and left side.


Beveled glass windows are found throughout the house. There are long narrow ones, some have wooden frames over the windows that look like they are paneled. There are even some square windows!

The roof is framed in dark wood that matches the rest of the house. Glass slanted panels are set in –one long one in the front and back. The sides have smaller panels of slanted glass. The very top of the house has a flat board to support the grand statue of a woman holding a pelican! The last photo shows her foot resting on a ball. The carving is just the finest carving I have ever seen with the detail of her hair and facial features!


Please feel free to contact me for any other questions about this outstanding house.


Measurements: 27- ½"h.; add 10" for the carved lady on top of the roof x 33" width x 17" depth.

Circa: Not known

Price: $6500




The Spanish Dolls' House  - Circa 1880

There are three floors with 8 rooms. They include the first floor- sewing room, dining room, and kitchen. The second floor has a large banquet room for the soldiers and a parlor. The third floor has a bedroom, sitting room and a chapel. The house measures: 47" tall for the three floors; the base adds 16"; the railing at the top is 4-1/2" and the cupola on top of the roof is removable and that is 20" tall. The house is 50" wide. Price: $10,000


The Christian Hacker Dolls' House


The first photo shows the exterior of the house with its mansard roof. There are two large panels that open up the front of the house. The first floor consists of the large kitchen with the built in cupboard and the stove on the back wall, then there  then hall with the staircase. The large rooms all measure (13-1/2"h. x 13"w. x 15-1/2" The next large room would probably be the dining room. The second floor has two large rooms with a center hall with the landing of the staircase. (same measurements as the first floor). The 3rd floor is an attic with lots of room-(9-1/2"h. x 19"w.13"d) and a 2nd room that is (9-1/2"h. x 11" w x 13"d.)


                           The overall dimensions of the house are:  45"h.x 36-1/2"w. x 19"d. (add 4-1/2" for the balcony)


Price: $7500



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