An Exquisite and Rare Boulle Sideboard


When I first saw this Boulle sideboard, I think my heart skipped a beat! There is gold transfer work everywhere! The shelves have the gold transfer work on top of each shelf and on the back wall. Ivory finials attach and support the shelves. The bottom of the sideboard is so beautifully designed with three drawers under the serving area with white banding to separate each section. Below these drawers are two flanking cupboards for storage. Between the cupboard doors is a small decorative scalloped apron. The most magnificent area on the sideboard is the center cupboard with the glass door.  I took a photo of the interior of this cabinet to show how the gold transfer work is lavishly shown here. What a great place to display that special set of china! The last photo shows an aerial view from the top whereby you can see the round top of the cupboard. A marvelous piece of dining room furniture for a very special dolls’ house!


Measurements: 9”h. x 6-3/4”w. x 2-3/8”d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Inquiries Welcomed


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